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DANAM Farms is the daughter company of DANAM Holding Aps.

The biggest shareholders are:


• Peter E. Hansen - Cormall Agro Holding

• Hans Otto and Claus Ewers - BRØDR. EWERS A/S

• Henrik Hougaard - SKIOLD A/S





Alyona Baydokha

Phone No. +38050 330 3792










Farm Manager

Jeppe Bendix Jørgensen

Phone No. +38050 417 6841










Chief accountant

Valentina Trokhimenko

Phone No. +38050 417 6841












September 1998

• The company was registered as a subsidiary of ABC Hansen A/S, Denmark. There was signed a lease agreement for 49 years with a local collective farm. The farm had 6 old pig barns, which we plan to renovate starting from slaughter barns.



• Renovation of barn for slaughter pigs (No.1)



• Agricultural reform starts in Ukraine, as the result all state owned collective farms and land are split into shares and the shares are given to those who have been working in the collective farm. We get almost 300 shareholders who become owners of buildings on the farm, machines and arable land. The lease agreement has to be resigned.

• The first Danish genetics are imported.


February 2000

• First sales of pigs.

• Renovation of barn for slaughter pigs (No.3)


March 2001

• Danam is signing contracts with each shareholder separately for renting buildings and land.



• Renovation of slaughter pigs barn.

• Renovation of farrowing barn.



• Renovation of slaughter pigs barn (No.2)



• Danam makes direct contracts with shareholders.

• New genetics are imported from Denmark.



• Renovation of weaned piglets barn.



• Danam buys out the shares from shareholders and become owner of the farm.

• The land is still rented as it not allowed to buy arable land in Ukraine.

• 2 new Danish investor companies are coming in.

• Renovation of the barn for gestating sows.

• Construction of laboratory for insemination.



• Making new automatic feeding system on the farm and new feed mill.

• Renovation of office building.



• Renovation of boar barn.

• Renovation of storage building.

• Construction of addition to weaned piglets barn.

• Purchase of a new barn for slaughter pigs.




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